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The Enrolmy Story

From New Zealand to the World - the result of 7 years working with over 500,000 parents, students and organizations

Enrolmy is the brainchild of Dean Pendergrast, Mike Rickson and Andrew Martin - three busy working Dads who understood all too well the juggle that comes with kids’ after school activities.


Being techy types, they knew there had to be a better way for activity providers to run their businesses without getting bogged down in endless forms, admin and stress. Who wants to do that when you could be running amazing holiday programmes, before and after school care or extracurricular classes?

Together they developed Enrolmy - an automated management system for booking, enrolment, payment, compliance, health and safety and more, making the whole process of running a successful business much easier for kids’ activity providers. They wanted to empower providers to focus on kids, not tasks, and give carers the modern technology they need to stop relying on soggy paper notices and invoices at the bottom of school bags that may or may not make it home.


Enrolmy is the perfect all-in-one solution for providers running before and after school care, holiday programmes, or lessons and classes. It integrates with other software (including Xero) making it easy for organisations to use. At the heart of Enrolmy is a constant drive to find a better way of doing things.

"We're systematic and process-driven, but also believe in providing a beautiful, fast and easy-to-use experience. We care about kids, families and providers reaching their full potential. We want to give providers back the time, energy and resources to grow their business and continue doing what they really love: reaching more children and delivering high-quality activities that keep kids engaged, safe and having fun."


      CEO, Enrolmy

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CEO & Co-Founder

Dean Pendergrast

Mike Rickson

CTO & Co-Founder

Andrew Martin

CIO & Co-Founder

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Tony Coyle

Senior Software Engineer

Michelle Blucher 

Operations Manager

Fung Lim

Head of Sales

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Ryan Nadakkavukaran

Marketing Manager

Roxanne Watkins

Head of Customer Success

Terry Xiao

UX/UI Developer

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Jesse Reyneke-Barnard

Software Engineer

Hayley Wilson

Customer Success Manager

Mihi Preston

Customer Communications Specialist

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Raymond Quito

Rochelle Asilo

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

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