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Meet the CEO

Learn how Dean went from Primary School teacher to leading New Zealand's No.1 Class Registration Software for Kid's Activity Providers
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Dean Pendergrast

CEO & Co-Founder of Enrolmy

"I started my working career as a school teacher, whilst also teaching the guitar on the side. I soon earned more each year teaching guitar, so I left school teaching and founded MusiqHub - growing to serve 5000 students each week across Australasia.  

Part of this success was the development of an online business system created to support music teachers.  I was being approached weekly by other children's activity and childcare providers to see if we had a solution for them. As a business owner and a parent, the penny dropped, and together with lead developer Mike and architecture wizard Andrew, Enrolmy was born.

The high, lows and lessons learned along the way is something I love talking about.  I've shared with a number of startups and other business groups already and would love to share with yours too.


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