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Enrolmy for NPOs

Superpower your organisations childcare and children's activities with New Zealand's leading software made to make the life of nonprofits easier

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Key features for Non Profits

Just some of the features customers love about Enrolmy.


Manage MSD Audits and OSCAR subsidies

Enrolmy gives you the tools to quickly and easily manage OSCAR subsidies, and automatically collect and export data for super-fast MSD audit completion.


Enrolmy Sign In/Out Kiosk

Give parents the ability to sign their child in and out of your programme via our on-site kiosk. This automatically updates the online attendance reconciliation form with accurate, time-stamped data from which you can generate reliable reports.


Instant Parent Payment

Offer credit card options and parents can simply pay when they book for the term. No more chasing overdue invoices.


OSCAR Subsidy Management - HP/BASC

Quick and easy subsidy calculation - just enter a child’s OSCAR rate and hours, and Enrolmy will do the rest. It also enables you to compare booked hours versus attended hours easily.


Powerful Communication Tools

Enrolmy provides you with email templates and bulk sending options that make it quick and easy to get important information where it needs to go.

Easy Online Bookings

Throw away your paper-based enrolment forms and provide parents with a customisable portal that makes it super easy for them to book online.


Find out all the cool ways Enrolmy can make life easier for you and your customers.

"Working as a charity with Enrolmy has been really beneficial for us, it’s allowed us to send our resources to other places so we can make an impact."

-Yuin F.

Sir Peter Blake Marine Education Centre

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