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10 Kids' Activity Ideas for Waitangi Day Programme Planning

Updated: Jan 19

Are you looking for ways to include Waitangi Day commemorations and cultural learning in your programmes this year?

Dive into these 10 activity ideas, curated to bring awareness to the significance of Waitangi Day and Maori Culture in fun, interactive and creative ways for the kids in your programmes. From Taniwha tag to Maori app recommendations for digital learning, find ideas for all types of kids activity businesses.

Childrens activity ideas aged 5 - 16 years old for Waitangi Day Commemoration

  1. Infuse Maori myths and legends into existing everyday games like tag. Setup a massive game of tag, on land or even in the water where the player that's 'in' is the Taniwha.

  2. STEM and kid-tech activity providers can elevate children's learning experiences with the free app Kupu. Simply snap a photo using Kupu and the app will reveal the Maori translation of the photo subject. Download Kupu on the App Store or Google Play Store.

  3. Embrace the Maori way of learning, through story and song, by creating your very own Poi. Begin by exploring the heritage of Poi and checkout this learning resource. Afterwards, watch this Poi-making video tutorial for details on what you will need to create your own poi and how to craft it.

  4. Get Takaro, an entertaining and informative card game that transforms snap into a visual and linguistic learning tool for Te Reo Maori.

  5. Unleash creativity by crafting your own salt-dough or air-clay Taonga. Taonga are precious pendants for Maori, carved to tell stories, ancestry or heritage from greenstone or animal bone. Explore the meanings of traditionally carved symbols throughout Aotearoa here, and if you don't have recipes of your own, check out this air-clay and salt-dough instructions.

  6. Delve into the myths and legends of Aotearoa to inspire your craft planning for the week of Waitangi. Find more of these captivating stories here.

  7. Bring the magic of Te Papa Museum's interactive and educational displays to your kids with this engaging Waitangi activity resource. Simply download and print off their helpful PDF to educate children on Te Tiriti.

  8. Spend a few days creating your own Waitangi Day display that children can take their caregivers and families through during pick-up or drop-off the week of Waitangi.

  9. If your site has space, try planting a native tree or plant with your attendees. Checkout New Zealand's Department of Conservation's handy tips to native plant nurturing.

  10. Embrace Te Reo Maori and embark on a Maori language treasure hunt! Try these downloadable teaching resources with pre-made treasure hunt or bingo cards that will support children and staff in learning essential verbs in Te Reo Maori.


Do you have activity idea recommendations for other kids' activity providers that worked well in your programmes? Let us and other providers know in the comments!

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