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7 memorable Easter activities that don't include chocolate!

What comes to mind when you think of Easter?



And more chocolate.

And maybe an Easter bunny…

But many studies show that a growing number of people are searching for ways to make holidays more personally meaningful, less focused on consumption, and intentional for their families. The Pew Research Centre study found that 53% of those they surveyed inbetween 16 to 29 years of age indicated that they do prioritise looking for alternative ways to mindfully celebrate holidays.

Even back in their 2018 study, the National Retail Federation discovered that 40% of their survey participants would rather spend money on experiences rather than gifts.

So what does this mean for a business that runs activities for kids?

Well, with the Easter Holiday fast approaching, there is a huge opportunity to develop programmes and activities that goes beyond chocolate. As parents and communities are looking for meaningful ways to celebrate the season, there is huge potential to set your programme apart with creative, engaging and impressionable experiences.

We’ve brainstormed and listed a few activities that our own children would love to participate in at home or in a paid programme.

That could be less chocolatey, yet more meaningful.

Ideas that are focused on creating experiences around the season rather than chowing down eggs.

Activities that may just become a programme favourite or even tradition.

  1. Easter Egg hunt: There are so many ways to run an Easter-themed scavenger hunt that doesn’t have to involve Easter eggs. One year my own family hid small fluffy pompoms for the littlies to find, instead of chocolate, to reduce the sugar intake over Easter weekend. Even the older kids found it fun as it was more challenging than looking for large eggs.

  2. Alternatively, hiding clues and riddles that lead to one large Easter basket that must be shared between the team members is a great idea. Where the Easter basket can contain chocolate and other goodies. Or even hiding printed Easter egg tokens that can be exchanged for goods later.

  3. For the smallest children, a Spring-themed nature hunt has proven to be a memorable activity in my own family too, creating a sheet for kids to match up flowers, bugs, or even baby animals.

  4. Mufti dress-up day: Whether your business runs programmes all day long or just for an hour, an Easter mufti opportunity is always welcomed by kids. You could encourage kids to attend the programme wearing their craziest, most colourful, or eclectic outfits. It's a fun way to celebrate and get creative without focusing on the consumption of sweets and chocolates.

  5. Easter Disco: Put on some music and get dancing with a fun Easter-themed disco. Try this Easter Spotify Playlist. You could even have a competition for the best Easter costume!

  6. Animal-themed puzzles: Have a range of puzzles with animal themes that children can complete together or individually. These could include jigsaw puzzles, word searches, and crossword puzzles to accommodate for all ages.

  7. Watch an Easter production: Many churches and theatres put on Easter productions throughout the Easter season. If your programme cannot attend one, you could watch a live or recorded performance!

  8. Create an Easter play: Why not put on your own Easter production, Tiktok dance or skit? Kids could write their own scripts, make costumes and props, and perform for friends and family. You may even be able to incorporate some of their programme learnings from the term into the performance.

  9. Give to others: Instead of consuming Easter goodies, are there ways that you could encourage kids to demonstrate giving while at programmes? Making mum or dad an Easter card? Gifting an Easter egg with a special note to their favourite teacher?

Easter can be more than just about chocolate. Watch your students go home and rave about this year’s Easter activities, and parents becoming more and more impressed with your programmes.

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