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9 Trending Christmas Activity Ideas in 2023 for Kids Activity Providers

Hey there, hero! The end of the year is coming up quickly, and it's time to start planning festive holiday activities for kids. No matter what type of kids' programmes you're running, you have a golden opportunity to make 2023 the most magical and memorable yet! To help you out, we've put together a list of the latest and greatest Christmas activity ideas that are Summer-friendly and are sure to bring loads of joy and cheer to all kiddos (and their families, too!).

Get ready to ginger-spice your end-of-year programme planning with these super fun, trending holiday activity ideas.

1. Host a holiday dress-up!

Host an inclusive holiday dress-up day during one of your programmes. No matter where children are from or what their families celebrate, every child will have the opportunity to get involved with outfit ideas ranging from Frozen's lovable Olaf and Sven characters to nativity scene animals or Barbie and the Nutcracker soldiers to hilarious life-size ornaments. There is a dress-up option for every child!

2. Get creative with elf on the shelf:

For the month of December, why not incorporate the hilariously cheeky elf on the shelf concept at the beginning of your programmes. Start a tradition when children arrive! Send them on a search to see who can find the Elf and uncover their latest shenanigans! Even make your Elf unique to your business, wearing any branded merchandise you have, or have the children find Elf engaged in activities specific to your programmes!

3. Sing along to Christmas karaoke

Engage children who love theatre, song, and dance, and organise a Christmas sing-along, skit-making, or a classic karaoke session! Ask children to submit their favourite holiday season songs, create a sing-along playlist, and prepare them for a festive competition. From comedic Mr. Grinch songs to O' Holy Night ballads, encourage them to showcase their singing talent. You can even provide prizes for the most enthusiastic performers.

4. Become Santa's workshop!

Transform your business into Santa's workshop and offer craft sessions where the focus is to create personalised ornaments or holiday cards to gift. Encouraging kids to embrace the wonderful Christmas Spirit of giving. This year, we are especially seeing handmade felt decorations make a comeback! Try out this Tiktok viral gingerbread cookie ornament idea.

5. Customise an advent calendar

Count down the days until the holidays arrive with an advent calendar! You could even incorporate activities that inspire the core values of your programmes. Or group activities like reading a Christmas story together, crafting a wreath with what nature provides around you, piecing together holiday-themed puzzles or crafting a Christmas candle.

6. Organise a charitable gift

Endorse the spirit of giving by creating an opportunity to gift to those who are more in need. Write spirited letters of well wishes to the local rest home, or pull together donations for a reputed charity in the area. If you have an end-of-year show coming up, you could find out what organisation the kids would like to donate a portion of the proceeds to.

7. Create crazy Christmas shakes!

Take freak-shakes, but make them festive! Just blend vanilla ice cream, milk, holiday-themed add-ins like candy canes or gingerbread cookies, and add your favourite toppings. Alternative milks and ice cream flavours make this a special snack for all kids. It's a fun and delicious way to get in the holiday spirit. Check out this Olaf inspired freakshake or the Grinch below!

A fun christmas activity idea with children that involves a Grinch themed milkshake

8. Cook Christmas cuisine from around the world!

Have children submit a traditional dish their family eats around Christmas time and re-create this for a breakfast club, after-school club or holiday club snack/meal! Else check out this list of extensive global traditions for ideas.

9. Organise a Christmas scavenger hunt.

Organise a festive scavenger hunt that takes kids and their families to discover hidden holiday treasures. Provide clues, riddles, and exciting rewards at the end of the search, such as stockings filled with small gifts or treats. The adventure will create lasting memories for everyone involved.

We are thrilled to share some fresh ideas that will help to create an unforgettable 2023 Christmas season. By incorporating viral and trending activities with your own personal twist, you can make the holiday season even more unique for the children enrolled in your activities. May your holiday season be filled with happiness and prosperity, and we can't wait to see the smiles on everyone's faces!

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