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10 Creative and Fun Valentine's Day Activity Ideas for Kids.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we've curated an exciting list of heart-warming activity ideas to make this Valentine's memorable for kids! If you're in charge of planning or running kids' activities, then this blog is your one-stop-shop this year for all ideas fun and love-filled. We've got STEM-tastic ideas from creating Valentine's Day GIFs and designing e-cards to self-love journaling and heart-shaped sweet treats. Plenty of ideas for all types of programmes, classes and kids clubs.

A blog for kids activity business providers and administrators or programme planners that provider activity and resource ideas for Valentines Day 2024

  1. With this tried and true idea, STEM activity providers can get amongst Valentine's Day-themed activities too, have a go at crafting this heart-shaped LED light circuit.

  2.  For businesses that are digital and e-learning-based, set a fun task of designing and printing a Valentine's Card, with the goal of creating all graphics and copy from scratch. Utilise free design tools like Canva if necessary.

  3. Incorporate science into your programmes and stir up beautiful love potions to bottle, then keep or gift. Check out this experiment for quirky potion ingredient suggestions.

  4. Try creating these no-bake, delicious treats for your before or after-school club snack; White chocolate and sprinkle-dipped apple sticks or strawberry and frozen yoghurt fruit treats.

  5. Make space for these wonderful self-esteem and identity-building activities. Encourage children to start a self-love journal; provide questions like; Write down a memory where you achieved something that makes you feel proud, or write down a memory that makes you feel loved. Children can take home their self-love journal, add to it and reflect. Or use this blog example and set aside time for your group to share heart-shaped sticky notes on what they appreciate about each other.

  6. Host a wheelie day where kids can love-bling their bikes and rides with Valentine's or wedding-themed decorations. Craft love-themed bike tassels from streamers, tie down balloons, and craft and attach baskets with flowers.

  7. Whip up a Valentine's trail mix together for kids to take home! Watch this TikTok for yummy trail mix ideas.

  8. Teach children about the five different love languages and design a session specifically for kids to plan ways that they can show love and appreciation for somebody in their life using the 5 methods; words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time and touch. Check out this easy-to-read love language resource for kids.

  9. Get active and encourage movement by creating your own Cupid's Archery setup. Craft heart-shaped targets using cardboard boxes and paint and have kids create their own bow and soft-tipped arrow. Check out this Pinterest tutorial for themed bow and arrow instructions.

  10. Support children in brainstorming their own Valentine's Day traditions that they can introduce to their loved ones. Start them off with ideas like hand-picking a fresh bouquet for the dining table every year, setting up a special Valentine's Day breakfast for their family or sending thoughtful appreciation messages, cards or even texts.


Do you have any activity suggestions that have worked well in your programmes? Share your experiences in the comments!


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