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Discovery Engagement

Unlock the power of your Organisation with an Enrolmy Discovery Engagement.


We know that your business is unique, it's the nature of what you do serving Children and Families. 

And it's that uniqueness, along with the right technology, that can superpower your strategic advantage.

That's why an Enrolmy Discovery Engagement is so powerful. We work with you to clearly articulate a mutual understanding of what success looks like, and how it can be achieved.

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Choosing a tech stack, or a digital transformation partner, especially when transformation impacts your customers, requires a well-articulated and planned approach.


For most enterprises in this space, buying software off-the-shelf simply does not meet the desired requirements and is not a path to sustainable growth.

The reality is that many organisations that embark on this transition overlook the many moving parts involved. This results in project delays, cost blowouts and unnecessary negative impact on the brand.

That is why using a robust methodology is the most critical factor to a successful digital transformation for your Childcare or Activities Organisation.


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The first step to this robust methodology is the Enrolmy Discovery Engagement.



An Enrolmy Discovery Engagement helps everyone involved clearly articulate,

  • a mutual understanding of what success looks like, and

  • how it can be achieved.

We step you through the thirty-two (32) key areas to get right when implementing digital transformation in your Childcare or Activities Organisation.

It covers key areas in your organisation vital to a successful Digital Transformation. Areas that you may or may not be aware of.


This process provides you with the confidence you want.

  • The confidence that you have covered all required as part of your proper due diligence.

  • And the confidence you need to move forward and stay ahead.


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The engagement typically includes an initial questionnaire and up to three discovery workshops that can be conducted in person or via Zoom.

The entire Discover Engagement process is documented in the Discovery Engagement Agreement.


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Why Us?


We love to see our clients successed.  And our experience in helping others through this software journey has found that digital transformation is often vital but also challenging.


The objective is to set the standard for an operational excellence that superpowers your organisation.


We have completed numerous successful discovery Engagements for some of the largest industry organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the world, helping them uncover what they don’t know.

We are the experts in delivering this kind of digital transformation

We know what it takes

We have the processes

We have the right team to execute

We have journeyed through the process with substantial businesses. So we understand what genuine success looks like.

Let's Work Together

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